Solar Interior Lighting

To enhance passenger comfort and convenience, Daytech shelters can be equipped with our unique solar interior light kits, specifically built for transit shelters.

Our solar lighting products are built for harsh conditions and have been battle-tested over many years in extreme climates such as northern Canada and Florida.

Our interior light kit is a complete stand-alone system including solar collection panel, LED lights, batteries and controller. The system is automatically activated for dusk-to-dawn operation.


  • Enhances passenger safety by illuminating the interior of the shelter
  • Passenger task lighting
  • Works entirely OFF-GRID. No electrical hookup costs or monthly electricity charges
  • Typical operation, dusk-to-dawn with estimated (5) days minimum autonomy
  • Bright, high-efficiency LED lights
  • Automatic On/Off operation
  • Roof-mounted solar collection panel
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries
  • Can be retrofitted onto most existing shelters
  • Rugged, vandal-resistant enclosure for LED lights & batteries
  • Controller with multiple pre-determined settings
  • Recommended that solar panels face ‘away from north’ for optimal performance
Solar Lighting