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Our roots date back to 1907 when Day Sign Co. was established in Toronto and became well recognized as a fabricator of commercial signs. The company grew locally, but also expanded its sign business to include arena scoreboards, considered leading-edge at the time, in high-profile venues such as Maple Leaf Gardens, Montreal Forum, Boston Garden and Chicago Stadium.


In the 1970’s, the company became involved in transit shelters and related signage and the company was renamed Daytech. While we had largely moved away from commercial signage, the company became a North American leader in the transit sector with wide acceptance in both the USA and Canada.

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Daytech Advantages

Six really good reasons why Daytech offers exceptional value.

Look closely at the following factors… we’re sure you will recognize the Daytech advantage.


With our 100+ year manufacturing heritage, we have well over 60,000 products installed in every corner of North America. In addition, the current Daytech management team has many decades of related experience.


We offer the widest range of standard products in the industry.  Whether you require a modern contemporary design, a historical look, or purely functional shelter, we likely have a standard product for you.  Each family of standard products can be adapted for your requirements.  Most of our shelters can be fitted with advertising display panels.


When you require a unique custom look, Daytech can design and fabricate custom products. Using 3D modeling software, our designers can develop the exact look and fit needed to enhance your local community. Renderings provide you with realistic images and the confidence that what we design is what you receive.


From our award-winning BRT shelters to our sleek new ‘Vangarde’ shelters, Daytech products combine aesthetics with many interchangeable components. Our shelters use unique extrusions to resist vandalism, simplify assembly and ensure fast installation.


The vast majority of our products are built from aluminum components. CNC machinery is used for consistent and accurate machining. We employ certified welders and our plant personnel have on average 10+ years experience.


All aluminum parts are finished with a premium polyester powder coat to AAMA standards, in an ISO-9001 registered facility, which we believe is the best in our industry.

Clients Include

Clients Include