Solar Lighting

Daytech is an experienced manufacturer of solar powered lighting products specifically built for transit shelters.

These best-in-class products include:



Solar lighting has become an excellent reliable alternative to conventional grid powered lighting due to technological improvements with solar panels and LED lighting. The high cost to connect a transit shelter to a grid-powered electrical supply makes many grid-powered shelter installations cost prohibitive. In addition to the grid connection cost there is also a monthly energy charge which over time becomes cost prohibitive versus a solar-powered transit shelter solution.

Designed by Daytech specifically for the transit industry, our solar lighting products are built for harsh conditions and have been battle-tested over many years in extreme climates such as northern Canada and Florida.

Unlike other solar products on the market, Daytech has developed a unique, highly efficient, lighting technique that offers superior light levels to enhance our solar transit shelters. Daytech solar products can be provided on new shelters and retrofitted onto existing shelters.