Going Green

Going Green

Going Green

Our transit customers know first-hand the environmental advantages that mass-transit provides. Daytech’s products are designed with sustainability in mind to minimize any negative impact on the environment.


Our first objective is to prolong the useful life of our products. We do this by using aluminum, wherever possible. Aluminum has the advantage of virtually no corrosion plus it is readily recycled. The long lifespan of our products means they are replaced less frequently, thus reducing environmental impact.


The vast majority of our aluminum parts are powder-coated. We believe this is the best and longest lasting finish, which enhances the useful life. Powder-coating has the least impact on the environment of metal finishes. There are negligible amounts of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) released into the atmosphere. Powder-coating typically involves a single coat, whereas liquid paints normally require multiple coats, so less resources are used.

All metal waste from our manufacturing processes is recovered and recycled.


Our benches are available with ‘Superwood’, a 100% recycled HDPE plastic material.


Glass wall panels are readily recycled.


Finally, we offer solar-powered lighting kits which work ‘off-grid’ and use high-efficiency LED lights.

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