Edmonton Transit System

Southgate Station – BRT shelter

As part of an LRT extension project, Edmonton Transit System (ETS) presented a challenge; they wanted (2) large BRT shelters…but they wanted to install them on (2) separate sites, then relocate and connect them together in the future. The result was Daytech’s award-winning BRT shelter.

Using 3D modeling and prototyping, combined with our computerized manufacturing methods, Daytech was able to build (2) shelters which would precisely match each other when connected. In Phase I, each shelter is 14-ft x 36-ft, but when connected together during Phase II the combined shelter is 14-ft wide x 72-ft long. The shelters are equipped with lights, skylights, ventilation and radiant heaters.

Our scope of work included transportation to site (2200 miles away) and installation supervision.

Daytech’s efforts on this project were acknowledged by a recognition award from CUTA for Virtual Prototyping.

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